Friday, February 26, 2016

Let's Try This Again!

I am starting another blog!  Yep, I lost my first one!  Forever gone - never to be seen again!  Maybe you've tried to follow a link to Schoolhouse Treasures with no luck....You'll get a message that says that Schoolhouse Treasures doesn't exist!....yes - it's gone!

How did this happen?
My local phone/internet provider is a small company and about 5 years ago they switched to using Google for the mail program, but I didn't have to have a gmail account...I could keep my email.  That's great, right?  Yes - for several years.  
I soon found the teaching blogging world and decided to take a leap to start a blog.  After several years of blogging, I received word that my company was no longer going to use the mail account!!!  I could "capture" everything by following this complicated list of things to do...which I did.  Great!  Right?....No! 
Blogger requires you to have a gmail account and they also won't let you change the email!  I tried!  I cried and cried!!  I tried again and again!  I cried some more!  I emailed Google and they said that I needed to talk to my provider.  The provider said to talk to Google and that I should have "captured" everything.  I was in a folder and it saved all images that I had from posts, but that's it!  Well, actually there was some "gobbledy-gook" (is that a word?) in there too! 
Now What?
It's been about 9 loooong months since I became unplugged!  I was just going to throw my hands up in the air and say, "I'm done!"....but I couldn't!  I kept thinking about my blog and wanted to get it back.  I can't get it back, but I can start again!  So I am! 

I saw this quote and said to myself....Yep, I have 25 more attempts at this before I give up!  (I hope this is the last time though!)

So, if you're reading this, thanks for stopping by and reading about my blogging troubles!  This blog looks nothing like the old one.  Here's a picture of what it looked like after I had Christi Fultz from  Design by Christi do her magic for me!

I loved that design but I kind of like the plain and simple format of this maybe I will get a cute and fancy design again or maybe this will be enough!  Stay tuned!

I'll be back again soon so I can properly introduce myself (again), but I just needed to vent today!

Thanks for stopping by!