Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Flexible Seating - Part 2

       Today, I'm continuing to share my journey into flexible seating.  If you missed Part 1, I wrote about the various sites and posts that gave me the background information on what flexible/alternative seating is.  You can find that post {HERE} 

After getting more of an idea of what alternative seating was, I decided to look into the various types of flexible seating. 

One of the first sites that I found with ideas for alternative seating in the upper elementary level was Jennifer Findley's post called "Alternative Seating in the Classroom".  Prior to finding this post, most of what I read about flexible seating involved grades K-2.  I teach 3rd grade so I was glad to see another class above 2nd grade using it and being successful.

                                                                      Alternative seating in the classroom can be a huge motivator for student engagement and learning. Read this post to learn how one teacher uses alternative seating in literacy.

I found this post titled "18 Flexible Seating Ideas for Your Classroom" by Kindergarten is Grrreat!  This post let me know that it can be as simple as a beanbag, bath mat, or crate seats.  It doesn't have to be expensive seating.  She gives some tips on how to do flexible seating at no cost too.

After that, I came upon Lucky Little Learners' (Angie Olson) post: "Flexible Seating FAQ's"  

I love the chart  that shows her flexible seating rules.  I decided that if I implemented flexible seating, I would use a chart similar to this one to set guidelines in place.  I also found it interesting that she said that she doesn't have issues with students talking too much.  Angie answered all my questions and concerns within her post.  She stressed that the key to making it work was to MODEL, MODEL, MODEL!

For the first time, I began to feel that flexible seating would be something that I could do in my classroom!  I felt like I had enough background information and many of my questions were answered and fears were squelched for now.

I made the decision to try alternative seating for the last few weeks of the school year!  
Depending on how that experience went, I would consider making the switch permanently for the 2016-2017 school year. 

What about you?  Have you tried alternative seating?  Do you have any advice or tips for me to consider?  I'd love to hear from you!
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