Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#2 For Tuesday Linky!

I'm linking up with Chalk One Up For The Teacher Blog to join her #2 For Tuesday Linky!  I couldn't resist - who doesn't like a linky?  

Schoolhouse Treasures  math writing  #2fortuesday

Here's how it works: Each Tuesday everyone in the linky picks two items from their TPT store and puts them on sale for half price for the day. 

Here are my two products:

Schoolhouse Treasures #2fortuesdaylinky

First I have my Balanced Equations for Grades 1&2! 

Schoolhouse Treasures  math writing  #2fortuesdaylinky

        This is a great activity for your students to understand that the equation symbol doesn't have to be at the end of the math sentence? Included in the product: 
  • a sorting mat for them to sort the equation cards into two groups: balanced and unbalanced equations.
  • directions for the teacher and students
  • a recording sheet 
  • answer key
  • 30 equation cards

       It gets students thinking about how both sides of the equals sign need to equal.  It's a popular item in my store and today you'll get it half price {HERE}!

Schoolhouse Treasures    math writing  #2forTuesdayLinky

    My next item for the linky is my Writing Ideas for the Year!  This is for grades 2-3 and has 25 writing ideas per month!  My students loved this and we used it all year long!  They don't have to write much and I only had them complete 1-2 per week!  You could use it however you wanted to and as often as you wanted to.  Here are the features:
  • 12 months x 25 ideas = 300 ideas total!
  • short, quick ideas for writing such as: make a list of 10 words for fall; use the ten words in a story; Which do you prefer: green apples or red and explain why; and lots, lots more.
  •  The prompts for the month are all monthly/seasonally related.
  • Additional resources are provided such as a blank letter format, directions and a sample acrostic poem (written by me!), blank making words sheet and more.
  • Common Core Aligned
It's very much worth the original price but today it's a total gift to get it half price!  Download the preview to see a few of the pages full sized {HERE}


 Go to TPT and type in the following hashtag: #2fortuesday  to see all the products OR go {HERE} to the link-up page to see everyone who has linked up at once! 

If you have products that you sell, come on and join in the fun!

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