Monday, July 11, 2016

5+ Things I Need in the Summer!

I'm enjoying the sweet days of summer!

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I've been out for about 3 weeks, but I know some of you are already having to think about going back soon - yikes!  Why does summer fly by so quickly?! 

Here are my 5+ top things that I must have or do in the summer.  If I don't experience or have these things, well then,  it just doesn't feel like summer!
(Note: The links included in this post are not affiliate links.  Just links to things that I like and want to share with you.)

#1 - Strawberries!

I love, love strawberries!  I especially love to pick my own at a local farm!  I use them in smoothies, to make strawberry shortcake, to can into homemade jams and more!

#2 - Blueberries!

Blueberries are so delicious!  I use them in so many ways: jams, cobbler, pies etc.  Again, I love to pick them at a local farm.  I remember picking wild blueberries as a child and how they were so tiny - but oh so sweet!  I can't pick blueberries without reminiscing about my childhood!

#3 - Books!  Books!  Books!

Schoolhouse Treasures

Did you think it was going to be another food item?  Nope - not this time!  I am a book hoarder lover!  I must admit though, I love to read textbooks more than just fiction.  (I know weird - right?!)  I can't help it - I enjoy learning new things.  I don't have much time to read during the school year, so I look forward to the time that I have during the summer.  During the year, I'll gather a collection of books that I want to read during the summer. are some of the ones from this year's collection:

Schoolhouse Treasures Reads
All can be found  on Amazon
I'll be joining in on the Reading Strategies book discussion link this week.  So stay tuned for that!

#4 - Going to the ocean!

Photo by Schoolhouse Treasures

Going to the ocean is a must do at least once during the summer!  For me, it's a little over an hour's ride to enjoy the salty air and to hear the waves slapping the beach.  I love to take pictures of the sandcastle competition, if I can.  I don't remember the creator's name, but isn't this fascinating? 

We tried to get to the sculptures, but there wasn't available parking for miles! We went to another nearby beach for the day and came back hoping the crowds had left, but they hadn't.  {SIGH}  This picture is from last year's collection.


#5 - Spending Time With My Family!

This is a given!  I need the time with my family to chill and relax!  Whether it's kayaking, camping or just going for a drive with my hubby, it's always a joy.  On the rare occasions that we have the whole family together (which is very rare now) it's truly a blessing! 

+1 - Lobster!


I know - I'm back to food, but I can't help it!  I have to have lobster during the summer or else it doesn't feel right!  My husband has a funny story from growing up.  His father was very antsy and didn't like to sit still.  The family planned a vacation trip to Maine.  On their way, they stopped at a restaurant and his dad ordered lobster.  After they ate, he said, "Okay, I'm ready to go back home.  I've had my lobster!"  Needless to say, that did not go well with the rest of the family!  

So there you go!  Those are my 5+ things I need in order to feel like I've had a good summer!  What about you?  What do you look forward to each summer? 
Leave me a comment below....I'd love to know!

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