Sunday, July 31, 2016

Best Year Ever!

It's August 1st!!!!
Some of you are already back in school or will be shortly!  
I have till the end of August before school starts.  I have heard so many teachers saying that they think this is going to be a great year!  It's so exciting to hear that and it's no wonder that TPT has decided to use that as the title for the SALE!

Schoolhouse Treasures tips for the BEST EVER SALE

Yes - It's Sale time!  TPT is have a sale August 1-2 and I'm joining with them!  By using the code: BESTYEAR you can save up to 28% off at checkout with purchases from my store!  (20% from Schoolhouse Treasures and then 10% off at checkout = 28% off original cost.)

To get the best out of the sale, here are some tips that I wanted to share:

#1 - Go through your wish list and weed out the things that you put there and forgot about because you really didn't need it ~ OR ~ you have things saved for end of  year or for the holidays!  You don't need them now and you can always search for them when you need it.

#2 - Visit your favorite sellers and click the tab that says "best seller" and change it to "most recent".
Schoolhouse Treasures tips for the BEST EVER SALE

That way you'll be able to see what items your favorite seller has recently added.  You might find something new that you like and need.

#3 - Go to your purchases section.  (You know how to do that, right? If not, here's how you get there: Look to the left of your TPT cart and hover over the "MY TPT" button. Scroll down to purchases.)  Okay, now that you're there, you'll need to see if you've given feedback on all your previous purchases.

How can you tell?  
If you haven't given feedback, you'll see the words "Give Feedback" under the title of the product.  If you did give feedback, you'll see the message, "Thank you for providing feedback on this item.  You rock!"  If you've never left feedback, it can be quite tedious, but worth it to catch up now.  Remember to do it shortly after purchasing something each time - that way you'll keep up with it.

Why is this important?  
Every time you leave feedback on an item, you earn a TPT credit.  Depending on the cost of the item, the amount of credit will vary.  TPT keeps track of your credits and once you have 20 credits, you can apply the credits to a purchase.  20 credits = $1 in savings.  Pretty Cool - isn't it?

When in your cart, you'll see the checkout bar and below that it says apply Promo Code ~ for the sale, you'll type: BESTYEAR and below that, (red arrow) is where you click to see if you have at least 20 credits to use and apply.

Schoolhouse Treasures tips for the BEST EVER SALE

#4 - The day of the sale, make sure that the seller is participating in the sale, and/or that the item you want is for sale.  Not all sellers participate, and some of those that do, only choose some of their items to be on sale.  Also, seller can determine how much of a discount they want to give, so check around to make sure you get your best deal for the sale! 

I hope you found some of the tips helpful!  Let me know in this comments if any of these in particular were helpful to you!  As for me, my TPT store is having 20% off everything! Click {HERE} to go directly to my store!

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