Sunday, July 24, 2016

Opening My 1st Elementary Box

Do you know about Elementary Box?  I just recently learned about it myself and earlier this month I received my first box for July!

Review of July Elementary Box

It's a monthly subscription much like Stitch Fix, but it's teaching materials - not clothing. It's different in that you don't have choices about what comes other than choosing your grade level. don't get to send anything back.

The cost is $29 per month.  There are other plans that will save money such as paying for 6 months or a year at a time.  (I didn't want to order multiple months at a time until I had a chance to try it out for a few months.)

It's a box of surprises that that comes once a month during the last week of the month.  The items are geared for the next month. (For example at the end of August, you'll receive a box of items for September.)

Let's take a look into what I got for the first month!

Inside of Elementary Box - July

This is what the box looks like when opened.  It came with a cute postcard on the top that was labeled July 2016.  The card read:  
"Happy Summer!  This month's Elementary Box is all about organization.  Filled with lots of super useful organizational items, you'll be sure to get next school year started out right.  But for now, enjoy your much deserved rest and relaxation."
The back of the card lists all the items with a description, along with their value.

Here's the first few items I pulled out of the box:

colorful dots on nametags, sticky notes and paper

This will definitely help to get me organized for next year!  I love the color scheme!  I am going with a black and neon pick and blue look so this matches perfectly. The sticky notes have a total of 808 sheets!  Yikes - that should last me for a while!  There are 36 name plates - plenty for most class sizes - I hope!   I am planning on using my for labeling items - so 36 is plenty for me. 

 (Not sure what I'd do if it didn't match my scheme - BUT black goes with many colors so if probably would be fine anyways.)

Then these items were next:

Punch cards and labeled clips in Elementary Box for July.

I'm loving the colors!  
The binder clips are large-sized and are labeled with: To Be Graded, Graded, Make Copies, File and Send Home.  I've been wanting these for a while now and was going to try labeling my own, but this is much better than what I could've done!

The punch cards are adorable and can be used for whatever you want to motivate students to do.  I've made some through VistaPrint and love using them.  These will be a nice addition!  I think I will use them to reward homework being turned in on time!

So, that's it for my goodies!  The total value listed is $38 for all of the above.  Overall, I'm pleased with the items and their quality.  I'll continue for a few more months and decide if I want to continue or not.  Maybe  you can help me to decide!
Let me know if you get an Elementary Box shipped to you each month OR if you've had it in the past.  Leave me a comment below!


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